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Inside Benesch Newsletter
Winter/Spring 2014

Ohio Stadium Cake

Columbus office partner Mark D. Tucker, along with his family and friends, have endowed a general, need-based scholarship fund at The Ohio State University (OSU). Mr. Tucker and crew bake and construct the “Ohio Stadium Cake” for one home OSU Buckeyes football game each year. In addition to obtaining sponsors for the cake, Mr. Tucker and friends cut and serve the cake following the game for donations to the fund. The Stadium Cake Scholarship fund has raised over $135,000 for scholarships at OSU and awarded a total of 44 scholarships to OSU students, including seven for the current academic year. The 23rd Annual Ohio Stadium Cake was displayed prior to the Ohio State v. Iowa football game on October 19, 2013. To learn more about the Stadium Cake Scholarship fund, check out the fund’s Facebook page.

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Ohio State Placing Students First Newsletter
October 2014

The Buckeye community takes the cake

What is the Stadium Cake Crew? The "Ohio Stadium Cake Crew," as we call ourselves, is a small group of alumni from Logan, Ohio, most of us family, who have tailgated together for nearly 30 years. We constructed the first stadium cake for our tailgate party on a dare in 1991. We have continued the tradition since, and started collecting money for scholarships beginning in 1993, raising enough to endow our own fund in 1999. Other family members and friends have joined us along the way following their graduation from OSU

Why did the Club establish the Stadium Cake Scholarship? All of us received scholarships when we attended Ohio State beginning in the 1970s. Thousands of people stopped by our tailgate to view the cake, and we thought cutting and serving slices following a Buckeye victory would be a creative way to raise money. Because several of our group worked in student financial aid, it was only natural that we settled on giving the money we raised to the University for need-based scholarships.

What is the Club's vision/goal for your gift and its future impact? We now have an endowed fund containing nearly $150,000, the earnings from which have financed 50 scholarships awarded by the University since the 2004-05 school year. Six Stadium Cake Scholarships were awarded for the 2014-15 school year. We hope to continue to grow the fund so that the University is able to award more scholarships each year and can continue to award them in perpetuity.

Why is philanthropy and giving back important to the Club? We were all raised in a small town by parents who made community service an important part of their lives. They demonstrated service to others on a daily basis. Most of our parents were not college graduates, and they all worked hard and sacrificed so their children could attend college; not just any college, but The Ohio State University. We hope to play a small part in allowing others to enjoy the same opportunities we did.

How would you describe the Club's connection to the university over the years? We continue to feel a strong connection to Ohio State. Several of us have multiple degrees from OSU. Some of us work for OSU. Our children have attended OSU. Quite simply, we bleed scarlet and gray.

The 24th Annual Ohio Stadium Cake will be displayed on the south lawn of St. John Arena prior to the Ohio State v. Indiana football game on November 22, 2014. Additional information can be found on their website.

If you have an idea to support young Buckeyes, please contact Leslie Kreinberg at 614-247-6600 or by email at
The Madison Press
November 21. 2014

Scarlet and Gray batter:  Yutzy’s Farm Market helps out in annual making of Ohio Stadium Cake

by Chris Miles

Photo Caption:  A 300-pound replica cake of Ohio Stadium sits in the home of a Dublin resident will be on display outside of St. John Arena on Saturday prior to the Ohio State University's home football game against Indiana.

It takes a virtual army of volunteers to bake, frost and build a 300-pound replica cake of the iconic Ohio Stadium.

It also takes a whole lot of food to feed that army; enter Yutzy’s Farm Market of Plain City. The popular Madison County store known for its fresh produce, and high quality deli meats and cheeses, partnered with the organizers of the Stadium Cake to provide meals to those who volunteered their time and skill in creating the sweet masterpiece.

“On any given night of cake week we have 15-20 people in one house with a normal-size kitchen trying to make a 300-pound cake,” cake crew member and Dublin resident Deb Papesh said. “With that many people in the kitchen you really don’t have a way of feeding them.

“That’s where donations like the one from Yutzy’s is so helpful. It allows us to be able to do the things we need to do to get the cake done and make sure every one is getting fed too.”

Yutzy’s owner Greg Yutzy said his friendship and working relationship with Papesh and fellow cake crew member Kim Tucker, also a resident if Dublin, made it an easy decision to donate to the Stadium Cake cause.

“Deb and Kim are really good customers of ours,” Yutzy said. “They do some things in the store for us with sample days and such and so we wanted to help them where we could. We try our best to take care of the customers that take care of us.”

The Yutzy’s donation included fresh breads, meats, cheeses and that were eaten by the Stadium Cake crew one night this week.

The Stadium Cake itself isn’t just an edible, frosting-covered shrine dedicated to all things Scarlet and Gray. It’s actually the vehicle to a scholarship fund within OSU’s general need-based academic scholarship fund, that has helped dozens of students pay for college over the years.

The Stadium Cake which is in its 24th year was actually derived from the minds of some fun-loving Buckeye alumni and OSU fans who thought it would be fun to create a massive cake in the shape of “The Horseshoe” for a pre-game tailgate party. The first cake made its appearance at an OSU game against Iowa in 1991.

The cake and its construction process became an annual event and the final product continued to draw attention from fellow tailgaters and local media outlets. Deciding to take advantage of the cake’s popularity, the cake crew began to accept donations that were put into the Scarlet and Gray Scholarship Fund.

In 1999, the Stadium Cake Fund had raised enough money to endow its own scholarship fund. Buckeye fans and fans of the tasty confection have continued to donate funds and have helped raise over $150,000 in scholarship funds. Ohio State University has awarded 50 scholarships from the earnings of the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund over the years.

Photo Caption:  A collection of children help decorate the field of the Ohio Stadium cake this week in Dublin. Plain City's Yutzy's Farm Market donated meals this week for the volunteers making the cake.

Every little detail surrounding the making of the cake, from garnering corporate and local sponsors to working with Ohio State directly with the scholarship selection process is covered by the cake crew. Papesh said the collection of volunteers all have individual skills, talents and abilities which allows everyone to work well together.

“Organization is key in putting something like this together,” she said. “We have a lot of chiefs and work in smaller groups. There is someone in charge of corporate sponsors and some others who handle social media and those that work on the art aspect of it.

“We all work together as a team, everything just comes together. It’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun.”

As for Greg Yutzy, he’s seen all of the photos of the cake, but has yet to see it in person and has yet to try a piece.

“Saturday’s are just too busy for me to get away, but I’ve seen pictures and they do an amazing job,” Yutzy said.

The Stadium Cake will be on display on the south lawn of St. John Arena Saturday, Nov. 22, prior to the Buckeyes home game with Indiana.

For more information on the cake log on to or follow them on Facebook.
November 22, 2014

Check Out This Impressive Ohio Stadium Cake For Today’s Game vs. Indiana

by Dan Lyons

Indiana isn’t a major highlight of Ohio State schedule, but every game day in Columbus is reason for celebration. One Ohio State tailgate features an amazing Ohio Stadium cake that is certainly not lacking for detail. The cake features Brutus Buckeye, Urban Meyer, 22 players on the field, detailed video boards, cow cheerleaders cheering for the Hoosiers, and Neutron Man, a famous Ohio State fan that passed away in 2004, overlooking the stadium as an angel. This has to be one of the best stadium cakes we’ve seen.

The Buckeyes and Hoosiers kick off at noon on Big Ten Network.

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November 22, 2014

Ohio State Stadium Cake Will Make You So Hungry

By Jason Parker

Fans show their pride and love for whatever school they root for in many ways. Some paint their chest, others make signs for game day … and some build a gigantic cake replica of Ohio Stadium, home of the Buckeyes, that is eerily similar to the real Horseshoe.

Great … now I’m hungry.

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November 22, 2014

Ohio Stadium Cake 2014 braves the elements, beats Indiana

by Luke Zimmermann

Bravo as per usual.

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November 22, 2014

Check Out This Amazing Ohio Stadium Cake

By Larry Leo

As far as Ohio State desserts go, this one takes the cake...

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Ohio State Athletic News
November 24, 2014

Buckeye Best - 11/24/14

Chocolate or Vanilla? Scarlet or Gray?

The 2014 Ohio Stadium cake was on display at Fan Fest Saturday.

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