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March 27, 2013

A Fund for Everyone

by Kayla Luttrell | Associate Director of Development

There’s a fund for everyone at Ohio State, whether your Ohio State passion is for the arts, the football team, the marching band, the medical center, the student experience, or the many academic units around campus. With more than 8,000 active funds, you’d be hard pressed to find a cause that doesn’t appeal to you.

Your support could help first-year students receive a wellness assessment as they enter college (The Wellness Assessment Fund #312070). Or you can help provide wigs and head coverings to patients at the James Cancer Hospital (The Hair Theater Fund #311932). And you could provide funds to support everyone’s favorite buckeye, our mascot, Brutus (The Brutus Fund #314005).

And of course, the College of Public Health offers a host of giving opportunities here.

At Ohio State, there is a fund for everyone. During Campus Campaign, faculty and staff have a chance to show support for their passions.

Jennifer Wells, coordinator of academic advising and graduation at the College of Public Health, has been supporting one of the university’s most unique funds since the 1990s by building a cake. This isn’t just any cake; this is a replica of Ohio Stadium that is displayed and eaten before one home football game every year.

.Beth Tucker, Ohio State University employee and Wells’ cousin, has been involved since the beginning.

“At a tailgate party in 1990, I baked a 9x11 sheet cake, iced it green and put band member figurines forming ‘Script Ohio’ on it. That brought up the talk of doing the whole stadium and a friend said it couldn’t be done.”

With that challenge, the tradition began. During the 1991 season, a group came together to try their hand at building the whole stadium out of cake; 23 years later, the group is still baking and assembling the massive cake.

By its third year, the cake had become such a big hit that the group starting accepting small donations to a scholarship fund in exchange for a piece of cake. The group also sells limited edition sketches of the cake that can be purchased with a $10 donation. Money towards the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund (#646874) financially assists worthy Buckeye students. During the 2012-2013 school year six scholarships were awarded.

“Like Woody said, it’s about paying it forward,” Wells said. “I remember what it was like to be in college and my parents were unable to help me, so it was a financial struggle. My degrees have gotten me where I am today, and I want to help those students who are currently struggling, and I hope others feel the same way.”

To browse a full listing of funds at the university or to make a donation to support Campus Campaign, please visit

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October 18, 2013

Who's Hungry? Ohio Stadium Cake Weighs 350 Pounds

by Kyle Rowland

This monstrosity can be viewed on Saturday on the south lawn of St. John Arena.
Weight: 350 pounds
Number of Cake Mixes Used: 90
Number of eggs used: 264
Serves: 1,000

The Stadium Cake was devised in 1991 as a light-hearted means of celebrating the great tradition of Ohio State football. In the fall of 1991, a group of five dedicated Buckeye alumni constructed the first cake replica of the Horseshoe during the week of the Ohio State v. Iowa football game for display at their pre-game tailgate party in the north lot of St. John Arena. Why? Because one of those tailgaters proclaimed that it couldn't be done. Wrong thing to say to people who worship poisonous nuts!

Although they considered their creation a confectionery masterpiece, like all great artists, the bakers immediately began contemplating improvements. Their ideas and the drive for perfection gave rise to the new and improved Second Annual Ohio Stadium Cake, this time for display prior to the 1992 Ohio State v. Michigan game. Since then, the 200-plus pound cake has been constructed for display at the creators' tailgate party before and during one home football game each year.
By its third year, the annual cake had become such a big hit with Ohio State fans that the cake crew decided to take advantage of the cake's popularity to raise funds for Ohio State's general need-based academic scholarship, the Scarlet and Gray Scholarship Fund. From the third through the eighth year, the confectionery masterpiece was served following the game for donations to that fund.

In 1999, the Stadium Cake Crew established the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund within OSU's general need-based academic scholarship fund, and the money donated by loyal Buckeye fans since that year has been deposited into the new fund. With the Thirteenth Annual Ohio Stadium Cake, the Crew raised enough funds to fully endow the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund as a permanent means of financially assisting worthy Buckeye students. Donations since have helped grow the fund to over $135,000. Way to go Buckeye fans!

Since 2004, the University has awarded 44 scholarships from the earnings of the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund, including seven for 2013-14 academic year.

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October 18, 2013

Ohio Stadium Gets 350-lb. Cake Replica

If you like cake and Ohio State football, swing by the south lawn of St. John Arena on Saturday prior to the Buckeyes’ game against Iowa. There will be a lot of the former. 350 pounds worth, to be exact.

Every year since 1991, a devoted group of Buckeyes fans has made an “Ohio Stadium Cake.” What started out as a sh*ts-and-giggles thing has morphed into an annual tradition - one that was big enough to start a Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund.

The painstaking detail put into this year’s cake has to be seen to be believed; they even devoted a section of the seats on the cake to away fans. Here are the “Go Figure”-esque stats about this year’s cake that are just as amazing:
•Weight: 350 pounds
•Number of Cake Mixes Used: 90
•Number of eggs used: 264
•Serves: 1,000

So ... who’s hungry?

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October 18, 2013

Someone Made A Ginormous 350-lb Replica Of Ohio Stadium Made From Cake

by Paul Sacca

The Midwest is hungry for football and this proves it. I present to you this massive Ohio Stadium cake. Weighing in at 350 pounds, it took 90 cake mixes and 264 eggs to construct this behemoth. Ohio State fans can see this cakestrosity on display on Saturday before the Buckeyes’ game against Iowa.

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October 18, 2013

The 2013 Ohio Stadium cake for Ohio State-Iowa is amazing

by Luke Zimmerman

Made from over 250 eggs, the Ohio Stadium Cake can feed a thousand people. If you're in Columbus, swing by the south lawn near St. John Arena beginning at 8 a.m. to help a great cause.
October 19, 2013

Check out this mammoth Ohio Stadium cake

by Brent Yarina, Senior Editor

Craving something sweet? Whether you’re an Ohio State football fan or not, there’s plenty of sugar in the school’s latest annual Ohio Stadium cake. Like, 350 pounds of goodness, that is. The cake, which serves 1,000 people and was made with 90 mixes and 22 dozen eggs, can be found on the south lawn of St. John Arena prior to Saturday afternoon’s game vs. Iowa.

I can only imagine the work and time that went into this. I love how they even included a very small Iowa contingent, too. Details, people!

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OSU Image of the Day
October 22, 2013

"Ohio Stadium Cake"

by Jennifer Wells - Academic advisor and staff asst.

The Ohio Stadium Cake crew with the cake on display prior to the OSU/Iowa game. The 23rd annual cake raised money for the Ohio Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund.

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Dublin Villager
October 23, 2013

Scholarship fundraiser is no piece of cake

By Jennifer Noblit

Ohio State University's most sugar-filled tradition knocked off its 23rd year Oct. 19 with 87 boxes of cake mix and 125 pounds of frosting.

The Ohio Stadium Cake was on display at the Ohio State University vs. Iowa football game and then sliced up for eating, all in the name of charity.

The tradition established by Dublin couple and OSU alumni Kim and Mark Tucker has raised more than $135,000 for OSU scholarships over the years. Seven scholarships were awarded this year.

"It really started out as a dare," said Chris Conrad, a cousin of Kim Tucker.

"Mark made Brutus cakes before and he (made a stadium cake) for the first time for a tailgate just to prove he could."

Dublin resident Deb Papesh got involved with the effort 15 years ago and added a sketch to the fundraiser 12 years ago.

"With a $10 donation to the scholarship fund, you receive a signed and numbered sketch," she said. "It's one more way to raise money."

This year's sketch featured Brutus Buckeye in front of the stadium.

The baking effort that began six days ahead of the Oct. 19 game was done through donations, Papesh said.

Kroger donates cake mix, Rubbermaid gives the group containers for baking and Yutzy's Farm Market donated food for the Oct. 19 tailgate that allows people to view the cake before it's eaten.

Several other businesses got involved, Papesh said, mainly through neighborhood connections or visits to see the cake during the OSU game.

Piece of Cake offers up its equipment to mix the 125 pounds of frosting required to decorate the stadium cake.

One of the Short North business' managers is a Dublin Scioto High School graduate and grew up watching her Riverside Green neighbors make the cake, Papesh said.

Even though it's a community effort, the confection is no cake walk.

Conrad, an OSU grad and Hilliard resident, has been part of the cake effort for several years.

"I officially started in 1992 during my freshman year at OSU," he said. "I liked to hang out and help out."

Baking started Sunday and the oven was on until Monday night, Conrad said. After that the cake is cut for the different sections of Ohio Stadium.

"It takes a day or a day and a half for each layer to be prepped for dotting," he said.

The rest of the week is spent building the cake and frosting it, with sugary grass and fans in each seat.

"I'm a graduate of OSU and I like giving back and trying to help students as much as possible," Conrad said.

After a week of work, the cake was deconstructed for postgame sugar rushes. Although no official piece count has been taken, Conrad estimated the cake could feed about 1,000.

"Towards the end, the pieces get bigger and bigger," he said, adding that none of the bakers want leftovers.

For more information about the annual stadium cake fundraiser and its scholarship, look online at

Confection requires 87 boxes of cake mix, 125 pounds of frosting

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