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By Pableaux Johnson (2007)

College 101
Spring 2007

Let Them Eat Cake:  Lots and lots of cake . . . for a cause

OSU fans at the OSU-Minnesota game this past October plowed through a 300-pound white cake in addition to their usual tailgating treats.  The tradition is in its 16th year, and now other schools have begun to copy the Annual Ohio Stadium Cake idea.  The Buckeye boosters use the money raised from selling slices to fund scholarships for students who are at least sophomores at OSU.  To be eligible for the scholarships, which are awarded on the basis of need and merit, students must complete the FAFSA and the OSU Scholarship Application by March 1.

So what does it take to bake up a treat worthy of national championship contenders?  Start with 87 cake mixes.  Fold in 1 1/2 gallons of vegetable oil and 261 eggs.  Decorate with a gallon of milk, 122 pounds of powdered sugar, 21 pounds of shortening, 24 ounces of vanilla and an assortment of plastic football players, artificial grass, images of gone-but-never-forgotten Woody Hayes and cows representing the opposing team's cheerleaders.  Prep and cook time:  One week.

This year, letting fans eat cake brought in about $15,000.  With a total endowment of around $80,000, the fund helps three OSU students each year take a bite out of tuition costs with $1,200 scholarships.

Men's Fitness Magazine
September, 2007

Tailgating 101

By Kimberly Finn, Eric Lenkowitz, and Elizabeth M. Ward

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Colin Cowherd's picks, in order, for the Top-10 tailgating schools:

6:  OHIO STATE.  Every year, a group creates the Ohio Stadium Cake, a 200-pound facsimile of the stadium-- including the people in the stands-- ostensibly as part of a scholarship fund- raiser.  Tailgate at this game, and you may score a slice.

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November 22, 2008

The Horseshoe Road Trip

By Paul M. Banks

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When I first heard about the Ohio Stadium cake and its gargantuan size, I was like "wow Jabba the Hut could have that for desert."  Actually it's bigger than that; maybe Rush Limbaugh would have it as dessert. Perhaps that leaf in the Buckeyes logo really is a pot leaf after all, because the creators of the Ohio Stadium cake probably had the munchies from being stoned. Truth be told, it's for a good cause. The first Ohio Stadium Cake was constructed in 1991; and since then, the 200-plus pound cake has been constructed for display at one Ohio State home football game each year. In its third year, the cake’s creators began using the cake to raise funds for Ohio State’s general need-based academic scholarships. In 1999, the creators established the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund, and it was permanently endowed by Ohio State’s Board of Trustees on November 5, 2004.

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Thursday, October 25, 2009

Expectations or No Expectations: What I Found in South Bend, Columbus and Motown

By Joe Connor

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Headed southeast to Columbus, the question was: is Ohio State worthy of its No. 1 ranking.? I’ll say one thing for sure: with the exception of Nebraska and Alabama, no other college football experience has been quite as unique as Ohio State. After all, where else on campus can you find a cake shaped like the stadium that boldly predicts the score of that day’s game?

The Ohio State “Stadium Cake” of Ohio Stadium was showcased outside the main entrance for fans to salivate above about an hour before kickoff last Saturday against Michigan State. After the game, fans indulged in the red, white and gray cake for a nominal fee, with proceeds benefiting a program that helps send financially-strapped high school students to college. Very cool.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

19th Annual Ohio Stadium Cake

By Kim Reeder

This weekend two teams will set foot onto the giant stage known as Ohio Stadium. A few hundred feet away will lay a replica of the Shoe, consisting not of the assumed metal and cement, but rather cake and frosting.

The matchup between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday will be the site for the Nineteenth Annual Ohio Stadium Cake. For the fifth year in a row since the endowment of the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund, this cake will raise money for education.

The proceeds from the sale of the larger than life imitation of the Shoe will aid the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund in providing scholarships to Buckeye students. The cake has totaled $97,000 in funds raised for scholarships for OSU students thus far in the fund’s history.

Over the past five years, nineteen scholarships have been awarded to qualifying students. Four Buckeyes were awarded scholarships in the 2009-2010 academic year alone.

The incomparable cake will be on display from 8 a.m. through the entirety of the game on the south lawn of St John’s arena.

The edible Shoe will be served immediately following the game while donations are accepted. The typical cake is constructed by the exclusive Cake Crew who make slight variations to the cake year in and year out.

The annual cake is composed of over 50 cake mixes, 160 eggs, a gallon each of vegetable oil and milk, 95 pounds of powdered sugar and 16 ounces of vanilla extract. The cake and detailed frosting takes over 120 manhours to construct and perfect.

As construction began on the Shoe to complete renovations, changes were made to the cake as well. By reconstructing the south stands as well as the multi-million dollar scoreboard, the cake took on a whole new look in 2000 and has continued to the present day.

Come and see the newest edition of the Ohio Stadium Cake and contribute to the scholarship funds that assist many of the more than 50,000 students at Ohio State. Join fans as they cheer the Buckeyes to a victory over the Hawkeyes on November 14.


The Associated Press (carried in The Ravenna Record-Courier, The Ironton Tribune, The Dayton Daily News, and The Springfield News Sun)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buckeye Buzz: OSU, Michigan to kickoff at noon


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DOESN’T TASTE LIKE CONCRETE: The 19th annual Ohio Stadium cake will be on display starting at 8 a.m. on the south lawn of St. John Arena and will be cut up and served immediately after the game, with donations going to the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund. For more info, visit

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November 14, 2009

Sights In & Around Ohio Stadium

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