The Ohio Stadium Cake
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The Akron Beacon Journal
Sunday, November 22, 1992

Tying One On: Swilling's swell with egg on your face; Ohio State fanatics start their revelry at the crack of dawn when unbeaten Michigan comes to town.

By William Outlaw

* * *

A little ways off, Ted Dyrdek, MorraLee Holzapfel, and three Tuckers, Beth, Kim and Mark, were waiting for ABC Sports announcer Keith Jackson to stop by.

They hadn't actually talked with Jackson, but figured he would show up eventually.

Their lure: a giant cake replica of Ohio Stadium, complete with a scoreboard showing Ohio State defeating Michigan 31-3.

It included 52 pounds of powdered sugar, 81 eggs, 98 hours of work and, as a flier handed out described it, "100 percent Total Buckeye Devotion" and "100 percent hostility Towards 'that team up North.'"

But in the end, the score should have read 13-13.

* * *

The Columbus Dispatch
Sunday, November 22, 1992

Stadium cake sweet despite inaccuracy

By Mark D. Somerson

Some Ohio State football fans wanted a Buckeye victory over Michigan yesterday so badly they could almost taste it.

Five Logan and Beverly, Ohio, fans, however, wanted a victory so badly they went ahead and cooked one up-literally.

Ted Dyrdek, MorraLee Holzapfel, Beth Tucker, Kim Tucker and Mark Tucker began Monday constructing a confectionary replica of Ohio Stadium in preparation for their tailgate party yesterday morning. The cake's miniature scoreboard read: OSU 31, UM 3.

But a 13-13 tie can even make the sweetest cake a little bitter.

The cake squad had spread the last drop of icing at 1:30 a.m. yesterday.

"We all work normal jobs with normal hours, so we worked on it after we got home," Dyrdek said, standing next to the sweet creation proudly displayed under a blue tent in the St. John Arena parking lot.

"We were here at 4:30 this morning to make sure we got our favorite spot," he said. About 98 hours went into their work.

The cake, nearly 4 feet long and more than a foot tall, depicted the famous stadium during The Game. The crowds were all there in brilliant icing and so was a plastic band performing Script Ohio.

The parking lot is filled with tiny cars that belong to Mark and Beth Tucker's [sic, Kim Tucker's] daughter, Lindy. "She doesn't know we have them," Mark Tucker said.

To make the tasty replica, the five OSU alumni used 27 cake mixes, 81 eggs, 9 cups of vegetable oil, 52 pounds of powdered sugar, 11 pounds of shortening, 1 gallon of milk and 16 ounces of vanilla flavoring.

George Tucker, father of Kim [sic, Beth] and Mark, was proud of his family's work. He stood and smiled while hundreds passed by to view the cake.

"I had nothing to do with it except raise two idiot kids," Tucker said, laughing. "I don't know why they would do something like this. But it is teriffic."

Dyrdek said that after the game the cake was to be cut and handed out to "anyone who wants a piece."

* * *

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sunday, October 31, 1993

Buckeyes eat cake
Game comes in second to tailgate party

By Stephen Hudak

* * *

"Main ingredients for a tailgate party? Friends," Helen said.

Kim and Mark Tucker used other ingredients: 44 cake mixes, a gallon of oil, 90 pounds of powdered sugar, 15 pounds of shortening and a gallon of milk.

The Tuckers and three friends spent most of last week baking a replica of Ohio Stadium, which they were going to serve to fans after the game.

It was completely authentic and contemporary, boasted Mark Tucker, noting that his confectionary scoreboard had Ohio State winning easily.

It also had toy farm animals portraying Penn State's cheerleaders.

"I love this, we all love this," he said.

* * *

Wisconsin State Journal
Sunday, November 6, 1994

Cheesy details take the cake

By Susan Lampert Smith

Columbus, Ohio-Who says people from Ohio are humor-impaired?

One big draw at an Ohio State tailgate party Saturday was a stadium cake, a replica of Ohio Stadium, the size of a coffee table. On it was a frosted playing field with little players representing Wisconsin and Ohio State.

The Wisconsin players had wedges of cheese or marshmallows for heads, in reference to the dairy state and Wisconsin's reputation as a place where fans throw penny-filled marshmallows. The Wisconsin cheerleaders were represented by tiny Holstein cows with marshmallow heads.

But the most intriguing detail was the little fence at the end of the end zone, covered with squashed marshmallows and cheese.

"You know, like at last year's Wisconsin-Michigan game, when all the fans smashed into the fence," said OSU grad Kim Tucker.

The cake was produced by OSU alumni as a fundraiser for scholarships. Tucker said Wisconsin was a good target for the cake honor because Ohio State wanted vengeance for being deprived of the Big Ten championship last year.

This year's cake required 44 boxes of mix, 132 eggs, a gallon of cooking oil, 90 pounds of powdered sugar, 15 pounds of shortening, a gallon of milk and 16 ounces of vanilla.

The Logan Daily News
Friday, November 18, 1994

Tuckers Make Ohio Stadium Cake A Tradition At Tailgate Parties

By Janey Saving

Loyal fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes are hungry for a victory over the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday.

Go Bucks!

Several Ohio State alumni combined their efforts in an attempt to satisfy that hunger when they created the fourth annual stadium cake, which is a replica of Ohio Stadium.

Mark and Kim Tucker, Beth Tucker, MorraLee Holzapfel, all Logan natives and Ohio State University graduates, originated the idea for the initial bakeoff which has become an annual tailgate tradition. They are assisted in the venture with Ted Dyrdek who attended OSU with the Tucker girls.

"Before we began creating the stadium cake, my bother, Mark, experimented with sheet cakes depicting the football field, including the Ohio State Marching Band performing "Script Ohio" and a brilliant Brutus Buckeye bundt, said Beth Tucker.

"The cakes attracted so much attention at our tailgate party-we decided to expand our production into something more creative and on a larger scale-so we came up with the ide of reproducing the horseshoe," Tucker said.

The bakers used a variety of ingredients which consisted of 44 cake mixes, a gallon of vegetable oil, 90 pounds of powdered sugar, 15 pounds of shortening, five dozen eggs and a gallon of milk. The estimated cost of their concoction is $130.

Once completed, the cake measures nearly four feet long and one foot tall.

Beth admitted that Ted is the engineer of the production, as well as the slicer and the icer and that Mark is the one responsible for the detailed work, while the girls get to do a little bit of everything-including cleaning up.

She laughed, "I'm the gopher of the operation-I'm the one who gets to for this and for that!"

The cake was displayed and devoured at the Ohio State and Wisconsin football contest Nov. 5. In keeping with the Wisconsin theme of the day, the Badger cheerleaders were represented as cows and the Badgers' helmets were molded from cheese and marshmallows.

Beth also noted that marshmallows were used to decorate the sidelines. Many OSU fans may remember the incident that occurred last year at Wisconsin, when Badger fans plastered OSU team members with marshmallows laden with coins.

The cake was served following the game and fed to at least 500 OSU fans and several Wisconsin fans who stopped by the sample the unique creation.

"Last year it rained and we didn't have a very good response to our delectable attraction, but this year we had to turn people away because we ran out of cake-it was great," Beth Tucker added.

"Donations were accepted at the tailgate party which totaled $360 and the proceeds benefited the Scarlet & Gray Scholarship Fund," she said.

Beth said the group is already looking forward to next year's bakeoff. They plan to serve the cake at the conclusion of the OSU-Notre Dame football contest.

"Tell the Walshes to be ready to eat crow, uh . . . I mean a piece of Ohio Stadium," exclaimed Tucker.

Tucker noted that the group studies the schedule of football games and chooses "the game" of the year.

"Although we realize that the game Saturday is 'the game' of the year, we served Michigan fans the last time they invaded Ohio Stadium and we like to meet and make new friends each year," Tucker revealed.

"I can already taste an OSU victory over Michigan-this is the year we beat the Wolverines. Go Bucks," Tucker concluded.

Buckeye Sports Bulletin
Saturday, October 7, 1995


The fifth annual Stadium Cake was displayed in the St. John Arena parking lot prior to the Ohio State-Notre Dame game. The replica cake predicted a final score of OSU 34, Notre Dame 6 and had a small Touchdown Jesus in scarlet and gray. Slices of the cake were sold after the game to raise scholarship money for OSU students.

The Columbus Dispatch
Wednesday, October 2, 1996

Big Horseshoe cake has a bit of Penn State flavor

By Dean Narciso

Nearly 100 pounds of frosting will be slathered over a cake before Saturday's Ohio State University-Penn State game.

The gastronomic creation-a 200-pound replica of Ohio Stadium-also will include 11 dozen eggs, a gallon of oil and 45 cake mixes.

Slices of the Horseshoe will be available for a donation after the game, said Kim Tucker and other OSU alumni who have made giant cakes for five years to raise money for OSU's Scarlet and Gray Scholarship Fund.

"There's even going to be a Joe Paterno in black glasses on the sidelines," Tucker said.

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