Ohio Stadium Cake
& Volunteers


Without the generous support of these organizations, and the volunteers who bake
and decorate the cake, this creative fundraiser would not be possible.
Please visit our sponsors' websites by clicking on the links below.

Kroger Logo

Kroger Company

IPG Logo

Insurance Partners Group


Thompson-Cunningham Insurance


Benesch Friedlander, CoplanAronoff LLP

Springdale Logo

Springdale Ice Cream & Beverage Company

ARC Document Solutions

Borgata Logo

Borgata Pizza Café

Real Estate Opportunity

Iguana's Logo

Iguana’s Fresh Mexican Grill

Short North Piece of Cake

Midwest Poultry Services, L.P.

Yutzy's Farm Market

Chick-fil-A Logo

Chick-fil-A ~ Sawmill Road


The Stadium Cake Crew would like to thank the following individuals who have, throughout the years, baked, constructed, iced, painted, lifted, cut, served, solicited, and cleaned up into the wee hours of the morning.  They are to be commended!

Elizabeth Adams, Drue Barezinsky, Ken Birdwell, Dusty Burger, Drake Conrad, Larry Conrad, Reid Conrad, Jim Cottrill, Linda Cottrill, Anita Day, Charlie Day, Katie Day, Steve Degen, Vicky Degen, Joe Downs, Lisa Downs, Ted Dyrdek, Julie Fischer, Jeff Fout, Lori Geiger, Lisa Giacobbe, Ted Hallenbeck, Lee Harrell, Bob Hays, Kelly Hayes, Alex Hinkley, Leah Holland, Bruce Johnson, Chloe Johnson, Ian Johnson, Sue Johnson, Katie Kochert, Kim Kochert, Kylie Kochert, Keith Leffler, Senthan Mahenderasa, Katie Maliwesky, Marty Maliwesky, Doug Marconi, Marc Mattmiller, Jean Maxwell, Kevin Mickey, Lynn Mickey, Colin Mooney, Lori Mooney, David Nosker, Georgeann Nosker, Daren Obrynba, M.J. Olinski, Ashley Papesh, Katie Papesh, Dorothy Piehl, Mary Beth Ralston, Melissa Ramey, Amanda Russell, Carol Russell, Cody Russell, John Russell, Michael Russell, Galina Sandler, Melisa Scarpino, Mel Schaeffer, Lisa Schneider, Cindy Shade, Cindy Simatacolos, John Simatacolos, Dick Slwinski, Drew Slwinski, Kathy Slwinski, Robbie Slwinski, Markita Suttle, Matt Suttle, Andy Swope, John Torski, Sharon Torski, Bobbi Tucker, Brad Tucker, Chris Tucker, George Tucker, Jill Tucker, Lindy Tucker, Matt Tucker, Michael Valles, Mary Fran Wells, Cassie Young, Lele Yutzy, and Amanda Zeek

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