Construction of the Ohio Stadium Cake

Click on the television icon to view a short time-lapse video showing the construction of the Ohio Stadium Cake.
Ingredients:  The first Ohio Stadium Cake, constructed in 1991, was comprised of 21 cake mixes, 63 eggs, .5 gallon vegetable oil, 36 pounds of powdered sugar, 9 pounds shortening, .75 gallon milk,  8 ounces of vanilla extract, and 58 man hours.  From the second through the eighth year, the Cake Crew used the same basic form for the cake, and, with slight variations from year-to-year, the Cake generally consisted of 54 cake mixes, 162 eggs, 1 gallon of vegetable oil, 96 pounds of powdered sugar, 15 pounds of shortening, 1 gallon of milk, 16 ounces of vanilla extract, and 121 manhours.  In each of these years, the Cake Crew added details to their masterpiece, making each annual cake better than the last.

With the stadium renovations that began in 1999, the Cake underwent extensive renovations in 2000, making the Tenth Annual Cake substantially larger than the past nine. This required the redesign and construction of a new platform for the cake.  Consistent with renovations to the "Shoe," our engineers lowered the field and expanded "seating" in all of "A" deck and "C" deck on the east side of the stadium. We a1so redesigned the scoreboard and south stands.  In 2000, the cake consisted of 81 cake mixes, 243 eggs, 1.5 gallons vegetable oil, 124 pounds powdered sugar, 21 pounds shortening, 1.5 gallons milk, 24 ounces vanilla extract, and 167 man hours.

These numbers to grew even larger for the Eleventh and Twelfth Anual Ohio Stadium Cakes in 2001 and 2002 after renovations to the Stadium Cake, like the renovations to the Horseshoe itself, had been completed.  The Cake Crew added an expanded C-deck on the west side of the stadium, luxury suites, and the new press box.  In 2001 and 2002, the cake consisted of 84 cake mixes, 252 eggs, 1½ gallons of vegetable oil, 126 pounds of powdered sugar, 21 pounds of shortening, 1½ gallons milk, and 24 ounces vanilla extract.  In 2003, cake grew to 87 cake mixes and 261 eggs.  The ingredients for the Ohio Stadium Cake have remained fairly constant since 2003.

"A" deck being carved to replicate the
shape of the Horseshoe.

"C" deck has been carved and iced and
is ready for fans to be added.

Brian and Beth add fans and other
details to "A" deck.

Both decks have been iced and decorated.
Next, the two decks will be combined, and
the outer walls will receive one more coat of
icing to give the cake the appearance of
being one solid stadium.

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