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ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Mark your calendars!  The Twenty-Sixth Annual Ohio Stadium Cake will be displayed prior to the Ohio State v. Indiana game on October 8, 2016.


The 2016 Stadium Cake Sketch is now available.  For details, click here or see below.

Photos of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Ohio Stadium Cake have been added.  Click here to view.


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History and Purpose

The Stadium Cake was devised in 1991 as a light-hearted means of celebrating the great tradition of Ohio State football. In the fall of 1991, a group of five dedicated Buckeye alumni constructed the first cake replica of the Horseshoe during the week of the Ohio State v. Iowa football game for display at their pre-game tailgate party in the north lot of St. John Arena. Why? Because one of those tailgaters proclaimed that it couldn't be done. Wrong thing to say to people who worship poisonous nuts!

Although they considered their creation a confectionery masterpiece, like all great artists, the bakers immediately began contemplating improvements. Their ideas and the drive for perfection gave rise to the new and improved Second Annual Ohio Stadium Cake, this time for display prior to the 1992 Ohio State v. Michigan game. Since then, the 200-plus pound cake has been constructed for display at the creators' tailgate party before and during one home football game each year.

By its third year, the annual cake had become such a big hit with Ohio State fans that the cake crew decided to take advantage of the cake's popularity to raise funds for Ohio State's general need-based academic scholarship, the Scarlet and Gray Scholarship Fund. From the third through the eighth year, the confectionery masterpiece was served following the game for donations to that fund.

In 1999, the Stadium Cake Crew established the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund within OSU's general need-based academic scholarship fund, and the money donated by loyal Buckeye fans since that year has been deposited into the new fund. With the Thirteenth Annual Ohio Stadium Cake, the Crew raised enough funds to fully endow the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund as a permanent means of financially assisting worthy Buckeye students. Donations since have helped grow the fund to over $168,000. Way to go Buckeye fans!

Since 2004, the University has awarded 57 scholarships from the earnings of the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund, including seven for 2015-16 academic year.

Please take some time to learn more about the Ohio Stadium Cake and the Scholarship Fund it supports. Use the Menu above to navigate around our web site to see photos, peruse press reports, view video clips, and read about the Stadium Cake Scholarship.

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The 2016 Ohio Stadium Cake Sketch, commemorating the 26th Annual Ohio Stadium Cake, is a view from the north across the Jesse Owens Plaza.  600 limited-edition, numbered prints, each signed by the artist, are available for a $10 donation to the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund.Click here to see all the Stadium Cake Sketches and for ordering information for those that are still available.

You can give to the Stadium Cake Scholarship fund on OSU's secure web site.Hereís how:

First, click here to be redirected to The Ohio State University site for giving to the Stadium Cake Scholarship Fund.

Follow the instructions on that site to complete your gift.

Second, click here to send the Stadium Cake Crew an e-mail to let us know if you want a commemorative sketch or sketches.
Be sure to include your mailing address.

Itís that easy!

The Ohio State University awarded seven Stadium Cake Scholarships for the 2015-16 academic year:

Ryan Clester from Letts, Iowa
Brandon Cuda from Norton, Ohio
James Fairchild from Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Savannah Huston from Westerville, Ohio
Sarah Leitnick from Gahanna, Ohio
Heidi Meeds from Granville, Ohio
Helen Smith from Sandusky, Ohio

Congratulations to all of the Stadium Cake Scholarship recipients!

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2015-16 scholarship recipient Savannah Huston (4th from left) and her sister (far right) greet members of the Stadium Cake Crew at the 2015 OSU Scholarship Reception.

Thanks to the Kroger Company for supplying most of the ingredients for the Ohio Stadium Cake.Kroger has been a generous sponsor for many years.

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Last updated:  September 17, 2016.